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Chyma teamed up with Kildare Road and South Steyne Medical Centres to help them capture all patient calls, streamline communication between patients, doctors, and admin staff, empower employees to work remotely, and more – all during the covid-19 pandemic. Watch the video to find out how we helped them transform their operations and create a much better overall patient experience.

Exclusive Offer: Medical Practice Call Management Solution

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Never Miss A Call
We will evaluate your entire call volume and consult on the best practices.
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Reduce Cost to Serve
We will review and report on your current call system effectiveness to decrease patient wait times and optimise the booking process.
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Reduce Patient Wait Times
We will review the design of the current call flows (e.g. IVR) and recommend options for better engagement.
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Our experts will provide tailored recommendations and guidance on optimisations that could be achieved to improve patient experience, increase call answer rates, shorten wait times, and enhance staff experience.
Streamlining communications & improving patient experience

Read the case study to learn more about how Chyma helps Sydney medical practices address key challenges during the covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

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